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Welcome to Imam Shakib's Website
This is the official website of Imam Mohamed Shakib (Abqari). Here you can listen/watch the various lectures, speeches & other materials of Sheik Shakib to the Muslims in the Dallas/Fort Worth (D/FW) area and beyond.

The council will aim to clarify religious issues to all individuals and organizations according to the Islamic religion. All interpretations will be in accordance with Islamic laws (Qur'an & Sunnah).

Aims & Objectives
  1. Build information bridges between the scholars of Islam, the masaajid, the organizations, the businesses, and the Muslim populations in the Metro D/FW area and beyond, by means of the latest communication tools available (phone, fax, e-mail, pager, etc). This information should also be disseminated through Islamic functions (Halaqaat, Durouse).
  2. Prepare a permanent list of voluntary Ulamaas / Scholars to deliver Jumu'aa khutbahs for any masjid with a need for this service.
  3.  Provide religious advice and marriage counseling to all individuals, families and youth.
  4.  Provide independent arbitration using "Qur'an & Sunnah" to solve problems between individuals, organizations, etc.
  5. We have Dedicated Center for Spiritual Healing Treatment or Quranic Healing Treatment from all sort of problems cause by Jinn, Evil eye or sehr (magic) According to Quran and Sunnah. We also offer HIJAAMAH or Cupping Therapy under license Doctor.
  6. Provide guidance and assistance to new Muslims with follow up programs, such as religious classes, and provision of books.


Live Lecture Schedules

Oct 16, 2011

Live Lecture Schedules:
Sat 7pm Central Time-English
Sun 6pm -Somali and Sun 8pm English

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